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Welcome to the Weird and wonderful space wikia!
If you think sea creatures , your friends , the Bermuda Triangle and the paranormal are wierd? You haven't seen Space!
Welcome to the official Weird and wonderful space wikia!
MAIN CHARACTERS: *Sun *Mercury *Venus *Earth *Mars *Ceres *Jupiter *Saturn *Uranus *Neptune *Pluto *Haumea *Makemake *Eris *Planet Nine *Planet Ten *55 Cancri e *GJ 1214 b *Pollux b *51 Pegasi b *Kepler-1647b *Gliese 876 b *Gliese 876 c *Milky Way Galaxy *Andromeda Galaxy *Triangulum Galaxy *Whirlpool Galaxy *Pollux *UY Scuti *VY Canis Majoris *Moon *Io *Ganymede *Europa *Callisto *Titan *Titania *Triton *Charon

What is Weird and wonderful space?
WAWS aka Weird and wonderful space is a space series created by Neptune , otherwise known as Lukas . The series started in the 6th January 2018 but has been rebooted 1 year and 21 days later . This series has become surprisingly popular . The series is about celestial bodies (Mainly planets) just having fun like us human beings . The series has started of as a TextingStory series but then upgraded into animation by PowerPoint . Despite being somehow popular , the TextingStory episodes also have improved a lot being a tad more realistic.
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