Weird and wonderful space is a cartoon series by Neptune or , his real name , Lukas. Lukas is also the creator of another series called The Crazy Maniacs Series. The show contains several celestial characters , mainly the eight planets , the Sun and the five dwarf planets.


The cast of this show are celestial bodies with personality , jobs and other human like activities (Anthropomorphism) . The appearances of these characters are suppose to look realistic in a cartoon-ish kind of way . The limbs and facial expressions are based of a famous object show called Battle for dream island. However this series uses their own assets for originality .

The cast mainly focuses on the Solar System and the main characters are Earth , Mars , Saturn , Neptune and Pluto .


In somewhere of 2017 , Lukas' class had to do a randomized quiz . One of the questions was "Whats the biggest planet in the Solar System" . Lukas eventually got it wrong since he thought the Sun was a planet for whatever reason.

After watching some random videos on Youtube , he stumbled across a video/song called "The Solar System song" (Very original name") . He listened to the song and learned more about the planets and Sun . After looking for transparent files of the planets , he stumbled across few old files created by Vince Doyen and these files were from the Solar System Battle wiki which has now moved to The Universe of The Universe Wiki. This inspired Lukas to create his own wikia (Which is technically this one since this is the moved wikia) . What inspired him to create TextingStory videos is a channel called "Jupiter" . Jupiter was creating TextingStory videos and this inspired Lukas to make them aswell .


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