Valentines Day but we're like 5 days late is the 18th episode of Weird and wonderful space.


The show Ixion the explorer starts . Ixion greets the viewers at asks their names and claims it's horrible. Ixion says they're going to eat Chocolate Orange but he can't see him so he asks the viewers if they can see him.

A voice it pointing out the obvious while the person on the computer is mindlessly moving the cursor away from Chocolate Orange . Later , a bomb shows up and when the person's about to click Chocolate Orange , he quickly clicks on the bomb which causes it to explode. Mars , Earth and Venus are shocked at the video and The Cow-Dog says that they're only getting that much of the episode.


Does not include the extra part when the actual part of the episode ends.

  1. Ixion
  2. Chocolate Orange
  3. Venus
  4. Earth
  5. Mars
  6. The Cow-Dog


  • This was going to originally be the Christmas episode but could not be done due to lack of voice actors.
  • This is the first episode of 2020
  • The episode tricked viewers into thinking this was a Valentines Day episode as shown in the thumbnail.
  • As the title states , this video is late by 5 days from Valentines Day
  • The plot of this episode is based off of Dora the Explorer
    • However it was actually based off of Venus the Explorer which is a cancelled show by Lukas.
  • Ixion has a different voice
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