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Titania's crush is the first episode of Weird and wonderful space . Although it could technically be classed as the last episode of Weird and wonderful space before the reboot but it's part of the reboot since it was uploaded before the announcement of the reboot .


Titania is minding her own business until Titan shows up . She asks what he's doing but Titan quickly changes the subject and asks Titania if she's got a crush on Triton . Titania somehow grabs his atmosphere and removes it and tells him to shut up but she just realised that Titan knows about her crush on Triton , Titan replies saying that Oberon told him . Titania leaves since she "has to do something" .

Characters introduced

  1. Titania
  2. Titan
  3. Triton (Mentioned)
  4. Oberon (Mentioned)


  • Titania stealing Titan's atmosphere is impossible but was used for comedy sake .
  • When Titan appears , Titania has the Heather face from Total Drama Island
  • Titania breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that Titan's shadow is gone
    • This is because Titan's surface and atmosphere are separate assets to make the atmosphere overlap the eyes and the shadow is connected with the atmosphere and not the surface .


  • When Titan appears , his hand is under his atmosphere
  • When Titania leaves , her text box is still at the bottom