Titania (Otherwise known as Uranus III) is the largest moon of Uranus and the eighth largest moon known in The Solar System . Her orbit lies within Uranus' magnetosphere . Water ice and frozen carbon dioxide was found on her surface . Because of Uranus' tilt , she and the rest of the moons orbit at 98 degrees .


Titania is one of the strangest celestial bodies in personality . She had so many boyfriends and they kept dumping her or she dumped them and some even rejected her . She even previously started asking out dwarf planets that were somewhat her size or slightly less or more . Because of this , Titania is quite shy because most of the other celestial bodies mock her for her actions but she handles it very positively . She now currently has a crush on Triton.

Titania can get very emotional and pressured causing her to cry to which the other moons comfort her .


In Titania's crush , Titania is minding her own business until Titan shows up . She asks what he's doing but Titan quickly changes the subject and asks Titania if she's got a crush on Triton . Titania somehow grabs his atmosphere and removes it and tells him to shut up but she just realised that Titan knows about her crush on Triton , Titan replies saying that Oberon told him . Titania leaves since she "has to do something" .


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