The Easter surprise is the 19th episode of Weird and wonderful space.


Eris went shopping and laid eyes upon some easter eggs. This gave her an idea. She came back to The Solar System and talked to Haumea . Haumea asked why she was in a good mood and Eris told her it's a special seasonal event to which Haumea thought it was Christmas but Eris stated that it was Easter. Eris then told Haumea that she'll get Pluto and Ceres to come with them.

Uranus is on his phone while the viewers wait for a character to appear due to a huge gap being visible by Uranus but he tells the viewers that "Just because there's a huge gap doesn't mean something or someone will appear. This scene is just here to make the video longer." . However Neptune appears and tells Uranus that he's part of the script. Uranus wanted to know which one he was in and Neptune told him it the one he was in now . Uranus was disappointed .

All the Galilean moon were resting until Earth decided to call out Ganymede's name. Ganymede stretched his arms and asked Earth what she wanted. Earth asks Ganymede if he remembered last year when he needed more eggs for the other moons. Ganymede thought but was thrown a basket of eggs in the face and Earth left.

Eris , Haumea , Pluto and Ceres are ready to watch Makemake suffer . Haumea was the one pranking him with the bunny headband. She came over to Makemake but before finishing her sentence , he ends it by saying "Valentines Day?" and he states that Valentines Day was two months ago and that he doesn't date horses. Haumea claims that she's not a horse but when Makemake leaves , she becomes a horse.


  1. Eris
  2. Haumea
  3. Uranus
  4. Neptune
  5. Ganymede
  6. Earth
  7. Makemake
  8. The Cow-Dog (Voice only)
  9. Ceres (Cameo)
  10. Pluto (Cameo)
  11. Io (Cameo)
  12. Europa (Cameo)
  13. Callisto (Cameo)
  14. Mars (Voting Icon)
  15. Jupiter (Voting Icon)
  16. Venus (Voting Icon)
  17. Mercury (Voting Icon)
  18. Saturn (Voting Icon)


  • This episode marks first for several things.
    • This is the first episode where there are more than two voice actors.
    • This is the first episode with an opening title.
    • This is the first episode with a flashback.
  • In the opening title , eggs of Saturn , Mars and Uranus were seen. However these were old assets of the 3.
  • During the flashback , Earth and Ganymede are in the same place as they are in the episode.
  • Haumea turning into a horse was a reference to an old video of Lukas' called "Makemake doesn't date horses".
  • Despite being a non competitive show , there is a voting scene.
    • Although this scene is just for jokes as stated by The Cow-Dog
  • In the voting scene , Saturn is actually "Satan".
  • This is the second Easter episode . The first one was Happy Easter!
  • An April fools joke was made of this episode . It features one scene from the actual episode with sped up intro music and on screen shows text saying "Episode 19 coming April 12 2020"
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