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"If it was the same The Cow-Dog in 1665 , The Cow-Dog has lasted for 354 Earth years . " - Io
The Cow-Dog is "Non Canon" thus meaning The Cow-Dog won't have many appearances and will be in cameos and isn't relevant to the Weird and wonderful space story line.

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The Cow-Dog, Various of times.

The Cow-Dog is a joke character that first appeared in All seeing future . He only appears for comedy sake and says "Moo". He is also known to speak in

Being a dalmatian , he is called the cow-dog since his appearance is like a cow but weirdly goes "Moo" instead of "Woof" or "Bark". This is because the Cow-Dog is based of a few Youtube Poops created by TheRealXBoxNerd .

Despite being inspired by TheRealXBoxNerd , he doesn't own the cow-dog as a character , it belongs to the creators of Thomas The Tank Engine . And the name given to this character by the TTTE company was "Gremlin".


The Cow-Dog is a tough individual with the knowledge to speak . He can be shown as strict and manipulative demanding stuff from other people.

The Cow-Dog seems to have a rivalry with The Fat Controller and treats him like a minion of some sorts. He demanded that he would be in all of his TROC 6 entries if he made it in or else he'd throw all of his sugar products into a black hole.


  • The Cow-Dog and the "Suddenly , it caught fish" scene were both based of TheRealXBoxNerd.
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