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Sun (Usually known as The Sun or Sol) is a star in the centre of the The Solar System . She is a yellow dwarf and has 8 known planets .


Sun is the only star in the Solar System and therefore she is the leader/boss of the system but she is quite kind about her decisions .

Sun has to deal with a lot of stress due to the celestial bodies having some problem with one another or some crazy event is happening.


In Meet 'Oumuamua , Uranus asks Sun if she could tell Ceres to stop making jokes about his name to which she says she will talk to him. Oumuamua waltz in introducing himself and begins a conversation with Sun.


  • Sun's sex has changed from male to female
    • This change didn't matter because Sun didn't make an appearance in the reboot so her sex change is passable .
    • Another reason for her change of sex is because a connotation of "sun" is life and pregnant women create life by giving life to their new-born child .


  • Debut (Real life with arms same colour as body)
  • BFDI style
  • Cartoon style
  • Realistic
  • Female
  • Current
Sun is the only main character with the least amount of changes . His debut was a picture of Sun from real life with his arms being the same colour as his body . He also has a BFB style to him . His 2nd style is a BFDI style .

Sun had a little improvement having a cartoon look to him with very little detail with yellow spots representing the the brighter parts of Sun .

His 5th appearance is updated being a yellow colour with more detail with a mixture of white and gold . His most recent change was his sex from being male to female .

Her 6th debut is extra realistic.


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Sun is based of the sun from real life. Unlike the real sun , Sun is more famously yellow than orange . However , the Sun is actually white when seen from space . The sun only appears bright yellow due to the atmosphere of the Earth.
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