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Sun (Usually known as The Sun or Sol) is a star in the centre of the The Solar System . She is a yellow dwarf and has 8 known planets .


Sun is the only star in the Solar System and therefore she is the leader/boss of the system but she is quite kind about her decisions .

Sun has to deal with a lot of stress due to the celestial bodies having some problem with one another or some crazy event is happening.


  • Sun's gender has changed from male to female
    • This change didn't matter because Sun didn't make an appearance in the reboot so her gender change is passable .
    • Another reason for he change of sex is because a connotation of "sun" is life and pregnant women create life by giving life to their newborn child .


  • Debut (Real life with arms same colour as body)
  • BFDI style
  • Cartoon style
  • Realistic
  • Female
  • Current
Sun is the only main character with the least amount of changes . His debut was a picture of Sun from real life with his arms being the same colour as his body . He also has a BFB style to him . His 2nd style is a BFDI style .

Sun had a little improvement having a cartoon look to him with very little detail with yellow spots representing the the brighter parts of Sun .

His 5th appearance is updated being a yellow colour with more detail with a mixture of white and gold . His most recent change was his gender from being male to female .

Her 6th debut is extra realistic.


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Sun is based of the sun from real life. Unlike the real sun , Sun is more famously yellow than orange . However , the Sun is actually white when seen from space . The sun only appears bright yellow due to the atmosphere of the Earth.
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