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A solar system is a system with at least 1 star to be called a system . Some systems have planets , black holes , moons , more than 1 star . Some solar systems are falling into a black hole .

List of solar systems

Binary systems

Binary systems are of 2 astronomical bodies which are close enough that their gravitational attraction causes them to orbit each other .

This isn't really a "Solar System" since it Earth and Moon are a binary system and the Sun isn't included .

Star systems

Star systems (Otherwise known as stellar systems) are a number of stars that orbit each other (Needs at least 2 stars) .

Planetary system

A planetary system is a solar system with at least 1 star and at least 1 planet . The Solar System is a planetary system because it has 1 star (Possibly 2) and 8 planets .

Planetary systems also include Dwarf Planets , Asteroids , Natural Satellites , meteoroids, comets, planetesimals and circumstellar disks.

Exoplanetary system

Exoplanetary systems are similar to planetary systems but they include exoplanets.

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