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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for Saturn's Trampoline.

Saturn's trampoline is the fifteenth episode of Weird and wonderful space and is the first episode to premiere on Youtube .


In a BFDI style , ʻOumuamua was looking into space when Ixion interrupted and was not happy that the episode was going to be in BFDI style and not in WAWS style . After a few seconds , the style was turned back into WAWS . Ixion was now happy . Ixion asked ʻOumuamua if he was only put in the scene since Lukas had no idea how to introduce him to his second debut . ʻOumuamua is confused and says "What." Which made Sedna , from out of nowhere , think he's deaf .

Neptune was watching Saturn holding a trampoline and was confused and asked her what she's doing with it . Saturn tells him that she's getting it for the summer since she's the least densest planet and can bounce so high and that the galaxies will see her .

When all the planets have gathered around to see what Saturn was going to do , and wonders if everyone will like her stunt . Saturn's on the trampoline with a sudden voice and jumps high into the air . On her way , she suddenly intelligently predicts that her speed is 193K km/h or m/h and thinks that her rings and gas will disappear . That's what she thinks anyways .

As she makes it as high as she can , she can be seen by Whirlpool Galaxy . Whirlpool asks NGC 5195 if he saw Saturn as well but he says no . M60-UCD1 Galaxy comes to Whirlpool and tells him to check his twitter account . NGC 5195 tells Whirlpool to run away . M60-UCD1 Galaxy tells them to wait up .

Whilst looking at random things in the sky , Mercury still isn't satisfied with what he's seeing . Uranus asks him if he's even using the right telescope since he's using a pirates telescope . After that , Saturn falls from the sky and hits Uranus on the head .


  1. ʻOumuamua
  2. Sedna
  3. Neptune
  4. Saturn
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter (Does not speak)
  7. Earth (Does not speak)
  8. The Cow-Dog
  9. Mercury
  10. Uranus

Characters introduced

  1. Ixion
  2. 55 Cancri e
  3. Whirlpool Galaxy
  4. M60-UCD1 Galaxy
  5. Mars (Bar)
  6. Bug Spray
  7. Magneton
  8. Jungle Juice