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Saturn is the beauty of the The Solar System because in terms of beauty , her rings have clearly won it for her . She is the sixth planet from the Sun. She is also the 2nd largest planet , beaten by Jupiter . She is home to the 2nd largest moon in the Solar System and his name is Titan .

Saturn also has an unusual storm on her north pole called "Saturn's hexagon" . This storm is somewhat 14,500 km long . The storm was discovered in 1981 during the Voyager Mission and was later revisited by Cassini-Huygens in 2006 , the year Pluto was demoted . Her storm is also changing colour because in 2003 it was a blue-greenish colour while in 2017 it was beige .


Saturn is the beauty of The Solar System and likes to make sure that she looks perfect , especially her rings which are tilted which is an advantage and a disadvantage for her as she likes the tilt since she looks more nicer however , they do get in the way .

Saturn is usually on her phone and has sass . She usually talks with Earth and Jupiter since Jupiter is most like Saturn and Earth is the only sane female planet . She also talks to Venus and gets a laugh out of her since she's utterly clueless during text messages and says silly things that makes her chuckle which was shown in 💦💦💦Hi💦💦💦.

Saturn is also shown to be random at times by somehow calculating about her speed when jumping on her trampoline and her calculations were correct . She can also be wild and hyper .


Confirmed satellites

Unconfirmed satellites

  1. S/2004 S 6
  2. S/2004 S 3/S 4


  • Pre-Debut
  • Debut , Limbs were same as surface
  • Surface more cartoony
  • Updated with rings being more cartoony
  • Outline added with cleaner rings
  • Smaller changes
  • More realistic
  • Extra realistic
Saturn's pre-debut was her seen from above . Her surface is 100% beige and her rings are copied from her from real life . She also has no limbs .

Saturn's debut was her from real life but she has limbs which were the same colour as her surface .

Her 2nd debut was more cartoony with her surface being beige with her north pole being lighter than her south pole . Her rings are from real life and not cartoony . Her 3rd debut was updated as her rings weren't realistic and were painted brown .

Her 4th debut was more cartoony and better looking as she had now got a shadow and her ring system is more shorter and cleaner and instead of the rings being brown , they're yellow . She also has a shadow . She also has a dark gold outline .

Her 6th and final debut is her but more realistic with her rings being tilted at somewhat the right angle .


Saturn's rings are made up of dust , ice and rocks . They may have been formed when a moon shattered 4.5 billion years ago . Unfortunately , they are slowly dying at an alarming rate as they are falling into Saturn's surface . Thankfully , we will still see Saturn's rings today since they'll be fully gone in 300 million years .

It's misunderstood that Saturn is the only planet in the Solar System with rings . Jupiter , Uranus and Neptune have them as well but they are very thin . Jupiter by far has the shortest rings followed by Neptune , Uranus and then Saturn .

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Saturn is based of the real life Saturn . Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and is most notable for her rings . Saturn's rings are tilted at around 26 degrees which is based of the planets actual tilt , 26 degrees. We can see the axial tilt due to how the rings are presented (Which is about the same axial tilt as the planet itself) .

Saturn , like Jupiter , has several layers which are presumably storms . One of the most notable storms is the Hexagon . Saturn's "hexagon" is strange due to its unusual shape . Saturn doesn't have this hexagon shown , even if you were to remove the rings you still wouldn't see it.

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