Saint Patricks Day is the 5th episode of Weird and wonderful space . It's the episode where the planets celebrate Saint Patricks Day.


Earth tells everyone to have a happy Saint Patricks Day but Mars is confused . Earth knows that the other planets aren't up-to-date with events . She states that Saint Patricks Day is a day where Irish people celebrate the death of St Patrick .

Venus does claim that Earth told her something about Saint Patricks Day and remembers that Irish people are from Ireland . Mars is still confused . Earth confirms that Venus is correct and couldn't be bothered to explain what it is so she just googled it . Jupiter thinks that St. Patrick was important but Earth doesn't know if it's true .

Mars finally understands when Earth put it simply by saying that people celebrate some person's death because they were important .


  1. Earth
  2. Mars
  3. Venus
  4. Jupiter

Characters introduced

  1. Jupiter
  1. St. Patrick (Mentioned)
  2. Frisbee (Picture)


  • The picture Mars used to show he's confused is a scene from Object Cringe Again
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