Sagittarius A* (Otherwise known as Sagittarius A-Star or Sgr A*) is a Super Massive Black Hole in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy which is 25,640 light years away . Sagittarius A* also has several stars orbiting him .


Despite having a false first understanding of a black hole , Sagittarius A* is very calm , quiet and very caring . He is considered the "leader" of the Milky Way Galaxy as he is in the centre holding the galaxy together . He likes to keep things in order and make sure that every single celestial bodies (Certainly including other black holes) are nice and respectful to each other .

Sagittarius A* also likes to keep his distance from other celestial bodies for the obvious fact that's he's a black hole (Mainly Earth). He also doesn't want to merge with another black hole since he thinks his current size if perfect for him and he wouldn't want a size bigger or smaller than that. This isolation towards every celestial body (Except the ones orbiting him) causes him to be lonely and bored . Usually when he talks , he keeps a far distance .

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