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"Then why are you telling me this until 41 or "2030"?" - Mars
Pumpkin Planet hasn't appeared in a series and is only in this wikia for decoration . Once this character has appeared in a series , edit this page with information you've collected for this character . Thank's for reading this! <3

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"If it was the same Pumpkin Planet in 1665 , Pumpkin Planet has lasted for 354 Earth years . " - Io
Pumpkin Planet is "Non Canon" thus meaning Pumpkin Planet won't have many appearances and will be in cameos and isn't relevant to the Weird and wonderful space story line.

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Pumpkin Planet is rouge planet that has the appearance of a pumpkin.


Pumpkin Planet is a massive spherical pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern in space that loves to scare people . The only words it says are based of scary things (eg. "Boo") . Pumpkin Planet also messes with Oujia boards and for now is an Urban Legend. Its gender is unknown and is believed to have moons . It doesn't orbit any stars , according to the Urban legends book , thus meaning Pumpkin Planet a rouge planet .
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