Pluto and Xena is the 4th episode of Weird and wonderful space . It's the episode where Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet .


Back in 2006 , Pluto says hi to everyone in the Planet group chat . Pluto wants to know why Saturn looks worried and Mars immediately tells Pluto that he's been demoted t a dwarf planet . Pluto is confused as to what Mars is saying . Earth tells him the 3 rules of being a planet and Pluto broke the 3rd rule . Pluto doesn't understand the last one and Saturn tells him he needs to get out of the Kuiper Belt . Mercury tells him that he's too small but Pluto tells him that he's small as well but at least Mercury followed all the rules . Neptune tries to cheer Pluto up by saying he might get his planet status back but Uranus says it's impossible . Venus tells him that he's not the only dwarf planet which makes Pluto feel slightly better .


  1. Earth
  2. Mars
  3. Saturn
  4. Neptune

Characters introduced

  1. Comment Line (Not canon)
  2. Pluto
  3. Mercury
  4. Venus
  5. Jupiter (Mentioned)
  6. Uranus
  7. Ceres (Mentioned)
  8. Haumea (Mentioned)
  9. Makemake (Mentioned)
  10. Eris (Mentioned) (Referred to as "Xena" in the title)


  • This episode introduced all the planets
    • Despite Jupiter isn't present , he is mentioned
  • The title Pluto and Xena is a reference of a song called "Poor Pluto" and Xena (Eris) tries to cheer Pluto up .
    • Xena is also the provisional name of Eris
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