Pluto is the most famous dwarf planet known and is the 2nd dwarf from the Sun . He was known as a planet for 76 years and has been demoted . Pluto has a massive "heart" on his surface which was caused by geological processed which was created 10 million years ago .


Pluto usually keeps to himself and feels unnecessary since he was a planet for 76 years then all that planet status was thrown out the window in 2006 . He usually gets into arguments with planets and dwarf planets about the absurdity of his status.



Pluto's moons 5 moons were possibly formed when a large object hit Pluto (Which caused his axial tilt) and then shattered to form his 5 moons .


Pluto's demotion was caused by the location he was in , the Kuiper Belt . The definition of a planet must orbit the Sun and be spherical which Pluto follows but he breaks the last rule that he must clear the neighbourhood around his orbit . What this means that Pluto's in the Kuiper belt which was filled with millions of celestial bodies .


  • Debut
  • Cartoon style
  • Beta (Outline lighter than fill)
  • Shadow added , outline darker than fill
  • More detailed
  • Cartoon + Real life
  • Current
Pluto's debut was Pluto from real life and his limbs are the same colour as his surface .

Pluto's 2nd debut was more cartoony with the "heart" being hard to indicate . His limbs are now black .

His 3rd debut was plain and had a shadow and a darker outline .

His 4th debut was more detailed as there were more lines representing hills .

His 5th and final debut was like Pluto from real life but cartoony .


Pluto's beta version was like his 3rd debut but his outline is lighter than the fill and he doesn't have a shadow .

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