Orcus and Quaoar are best friends which causes Quaoar to get into a lot of bizarre predicaments.


Orcus and Quaoar are an unusual set of friends . Orcus has a keep interest in explosives and likes to use them in many schemes and loves to cause trouble. Quaoar on the other hand doesn't approve of his actions but he still hangs out with him for no apparent reason. Orcus would blame Quaoar for many actions that he did for his own amusement.

Quaoar usually confronts Orcus for other illegal actions that he may have pulled off but Orcus would say that he did no such thing . Quaoar would call him out and say there's evidence but Orcus would say he didn't do anything at all.

Status = Best Friends


Quaoar's Halloween

Quaoar sees Orcus putting up some explosives , Quaoar asks what he's doing and he admits that he's using TNT. Quaoar asks where he got TNT from and if he gets it shipped here and he claims he got it off Ebay and he doesn't get it shipped here. Quaoar tells him it's illegal to import explosives but Orcus tells him the boarder protection isn't very good .

Orcus decides to blow up Deedee's shed to which Deedee finds out. Orcus claims that Quaoar did it and Deedee chases after him.

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