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Orcus (Otherwise known as 2004 DW or 90482 Orcus) is a trans Neptunian object and a possible dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt .


Orcus is a narcissistic sociopath, often uses his position as "Anti-Pluto" as a validation or excuse for his actions. He has a keen interest in explosives (Which he buys of Ebay), often using them in his numerous schemes. He mainly buys conveniently sold uranium just so he can make an explosive . He is friends with Quaoar, although he often torments him for his own amusement.

Quaoar tries to reason with Orcus, only for Orcus disown their friendship by claiming not to remember his name and call Quaoar a woman, citing the pitch of his voice.


Orcus has only one known satellite.

  1. Vanth