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"Then why are you telling me this until 41 or "2030"?" - Mars
Nereid hasn't appeared in a series and is only in this wikia for decoration . Once this character has appeared in a series , edit this page with information you've collected for this character . Thank's for reading this! <3

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Nereid is the 3rd largest moon of Neptune and is one of the moons in the Solar System with an eccentric orbit . It was the 2nd moon of Neptune discovered and is the 9th closest moon of Neptune .


Nereid is an awkward moon of Neptune and thinks he's smart but in general he isn't too smart . He tries to sound like a nerd but ends up sounding ridiculous . Whenever his best friend Proteus tries to make a joke "Fish breathe underwater" (For example) he would usually say the facts that they have gills to do so .

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