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Neptune is the eighth and final planet from the Sun and has the fastest winds in The Solar System at 2,200 km/h which is faster than the speed of sound which travels at 1,235 km/h . Neptune's storm called "The Great Dark Spot" is faster than any storm in the Solar System . Neptune's largest moon Triton was possibly captured from the Kuiper Belt .


Neptune is typically uninterested by many things and would judge many people based on how they act. He is good friends with Uranus and whenever he gets the chance , he would like to make small jokes such as when he told him that he was a part in a filler script for The Easter surprise.





  • Pre-debut , more lighter
  • Darker , limbs are same colour as surface
  • Cartoony
  • Added outline
  • WAWS assets
  • More winds showing
  • Realistic
  • Extra realistic
  • Without rings
Neptune's pre-debut was poorly made since he was just a light blue sphere with a black outline .

His debut was Neptune from real life but he has possibly seeable rings and his arms are the same colour as his surface .

His 2nd debut was more cartoony .

His 3rd debut was much darker and has an outline with a thicker ring system . His 4th debut was just updated with Weird and wonderful space assets and a shadow .

His 5th debut was quite similar to his 3rd/4th debut but lines that go across were added to represent Neptune's high-speed winds .

His 6th debut was Neptune from real life but with a more cartoony look with thicker rings . His 7th and final debut has gone through a lot of changes . Neptune now has two sets of rings with one being 50% transparent . His axial tilt is now somewhat accurate being 23 degrees anti-clockwise . Much more detail was added and more layers were added as well. He will most likely be seen without rings.



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Neptune is based of the real life Neptune . Despite Neptune tilting at 28 degrees , his rings are portrayed to be at 0 degrees . Neptune , like Jupiter and Saturn , has layers of storms but unlike Jupiter and Saturn , he has only a few. Unlike his real life counterpart , Neptune has wind effects shown (A blue line going across) to represent the ridiculous storms on Neptune . The 1989 picture on the right doesn't have this effect shown . It only has the layers shown along with the Great Dark Spot.


  • Lukas was originally called Neptune until he decided to change his name to Lukas the Bowgart.
  • Like Jupiter , Neptune will most likely be portrayed without rings.
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