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Moon (Or Luna by Earth) is a natural satellite of Earth . Moon was thought to form 4.51 billion years ago when a Mars sized object called Theia collided with Earth which formed rings which formed Moon .


Moon likes to shine bright for the people on Earth and she does a very good job at it . Although she technically doesn't shine since light is reflected from Sun but she still takes pride in her "brightness".


Moon's debut was Moon from real life with basic BFDI assets with poorly drawn eyelashes.

Moon's 2nd debut was more cartoony and brighter . Her 3rd debut was much more cleaner as it had a shadow , outline and better asset quality.

Her 4th debut was much more detailed and some of the "dark patches" are much more darker than usual

Here 5th and final debut is much more realistic . Her surface is more darker with added detail.


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Moon is based of Earth's real life moon , literally named Moon or Luna by some. The moon is the only moon of Earth and has many surface features .

Luna's surface (The one we can see) is based off the side of the moon we see from the surface.