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"Also all I found was space ." - Mars
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Mercury is the first and closest planet from the Sun . He is also the smallest planet and had very heavy bombardments . Despite being classed as a planet , Titan and Ganymede are larger than him .


Mercury can be a bit of a brat most of the time , especially when he uses Earth's telescope. He doesn't find anything interesting but he strangely keeps on using it just for him to find something interesting.

Mercury does tend to make jokes as to


In Pluto and Xena , Pluto complains to the other planets that he's a dwarf planet to which Mercury replies that he's too small . Pluto knows he's small too but Mercury at least follows the last rule which infuriates Pluto .

In Obviously the microwave , Mercury texts Jupiter that he lost his phone and wants Jupiter to help him find it . Jupiter wasn't standing for Mercury's joke and asked him how he's texting him . Mercury sarcastically tells Jupiter that he's using the microwave which Jupiter falls for .

In Why are you at the Dollar Store? , Mercury is at Spacemart and Uranus asks how his time has been . He says it's same per usual but he saw some unusual sightings . He says he saw a watermelon that cost a dollar . Uranus thinks they're doing 10% off but Mercury knows he's wrong since if they were changing the price , the label would be red but it's not , it's yellow . Mercury also mentions that they're selling violins for a dollar . Mercury sends Uranus a picture of the violin and is confused . Uranus asks Mercury if there's anything else for a dollar but Mercury says that everything is for a dollar . Uranus immediately thought Mercury was in the incorrect area and asked Mercury if he's in the right store which Mercury states that he is . Because if everything's for a dollar , he must be at ASDA . Mercury tells him that he's at the Dollar Tree Store and Uranus asks why he's not at Spacemart and Mercury says that everything is cheaper . Uranus tells him it's a bad idea to buy stuff there since they don't know what the owners have been touching to set the price to one dollar , if he bought the violin , it'd probably shatter . Mercury ignored Uranus .Mercury felt slight stomach issues and apologised to Uranus for doubting him . Uranus accepts Mercury's apology and says that stuff like that happens to the best of them . Mercury agrees with him .

After Mars finishes using Earth's telescope in All seeing future , Mercury asks Earth if he could use it to which Earth agrees which Mars wishes him good luck . After seeing some random things in the space sky , Mercury thinks he can find more interesting things in the next Mercurian day .


  • Debut
  • BFDI style
  • Cartoon style
  • Change of personality and face
  • Smoother and outlined
  • More detailed
  • More realistic and detailed
  • Even more realistic
  • More craters and lines
  • Extra realistic
Mercury's debut was him from real life with a poorly designed face . His 2nd debut was just him with BFDI assets but his arms are grey .

Mercury's 3rd appearance was updated to look cartoony and real life at the same time but ended up looking too realistic .Also his arms are black . His 4th appearance was more of a personality change than an appearance change .

His 5th appearance was him with a smoother surface and an outline . His craters are covered in 1 colour and pasted into the bland body .

His 6th debut is more darker looking with more cartoony detail . He also has a shadow on the right . The only details are the craters .

His 7th debut was the same colour as grey but his craters are darker and the white "spread" were added along with 2 star like shaped craters .

His 8th and 9th debut was him even more realistic still in a cartoony look , no doubt the most realistic-cartoony look. His 10th debut is extra realistic.



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Mercury is based of the real life planet Mercury . Mercury has obvious details shown : craters and lines however Mercury's details are somewhat merged and slightly less obvious details.
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