Meet 'Oumuamua is the thirteenth episode of Weird and wonderful space .


Sedna is doing some psychology with Haumea calling her deaf and blind until she unknowingly see's Oumuamua in the distance . Sedna looks at the same place she is looking at and says that he'll remove the blind statement . After getting her hopes up , Sedna says no and calls her predictable .

Jupiter and Saturn are viewing Oumuamua while Saturn is recording the incident on her phone . Jupiter says he never saw an asteroid like Oumuamua before . Saturn bets Jupiter $10 that Oumuamua isn't from The Solar System . Jupiter takes her on.

Uranus is talking to Sun about how Ceres is making jokes about his name . Sun says she'll deal with it later until Oumuamua shows up in front of her . After they're talking , Uranus leaves and Jupiter gives Saturn the promised $10 . Saturn now says she'll buy a trampoline for the summer . This confused Jupiter since Saturn's made of gas . A random voice tells Jupiter that Weird and wonderful space doesn't have a confessional . Jupiter wonders where he is and ends up finding himself near a black hole .

Haumea comes up to Makemake . Makemake asks if she's alright to which she said that she unfortunately had to take fake psychology from Sedna and called her deaf , blind and predictable . Makemake states that he got one thing correct . Haumea is shocked by his response and Makemake put Haumea into the freezer .

After Proteus talks to Triton about a sheep costume , Larissa rushes in and tells everyone that Oumuamua has arrived in the Solar System from another. Halimede finds this news very interesting .


  1. Haumea
  2. Sedna
  3. Jupiter
  4. Saturn
  5. Uranus
  6. Comment Line

Characters introduced

  1. Oumuamua
  2. Sun
  3. Ceres (Mentioned)
  4. Triton
  5. Proteus
  6. Halimede
  7. Larissa


  • The coffee shown in the confessional is actually the body of Starbucks Coffee from a cancelled object show called "The Wild Island"
  • The scene where Jupiter is in a confessional and a voice tells him that there are no confessionals is a reference from Extraordinarily Excellent Enteties .
  • Proteus mentioning a sheep costume is a reference to Triton's sheep costume after Neptune called him a sheep before the reboot of Weird and wonderful space.


  • Despite having a new body , Mercury doesn't have his added features in the intro
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