Mars and the coronavirus is the 20th episode of Weird and wonderful space.


Mars and Venus were minding their own business when Ixion just random yells out that it's time for the elimination. Venus tells them it's the middle of the night to which Mars explains that there's no time cycle in space and that Weird and wonderful space is a non-competitive object show. Ixion then explains the events of last episode and then disintegrates. Venus asks if his voice sounds different from Ixion the Explorer to which Mars doesn't care.

Mars and Venus arrive in the elimination area and Ixion announces they've got 1 vote. Mars is impatient. He also announces that the prizes will be fish. He says that Mars , Jupiter , Ceres and Venus are safe and give them all fish. So is Neptune and the flat Mercury. It's down to the bottom two . Saturn and Pluto . Saturn is worried and claims that she did something funny in episode 16 so people should like her. Pluto asks her if she used a BFB quote. Ixion then announces that Satan is eliminated , hitting Pluto in the face with a fish and knocking Saturn's rings off. Satan thinks that this is an outrage. Mars then snaps at everyone and calls them idiots! He's going to his orbit. Mars passes through some recommended characters.

Mars relaxes in his orbit. Literally a few later he decides to go to Earth's orbit. Once he's there , he claims that the temperature is decent for him. Later he questions the point of an orbit but then later rests. Earth conveniently greets Mars which annoys him. Earth apologises but just wanted to ask how he was is all. Mars says he's fine , then he wonders about Earth to which she claims she's fantastic. Mars questions how due to the coronavirus being a thing. Earth explains to Mars that the coronavirus isn't as bad as other historic events and that it broke out sometime on February and thought he'd get used to it by now. Earth then later tells him the benefits of the coronavirus and hopes that he understands to which he does. Earth then suggests looking through her telescope to which Mars agrees.


  1. Mars
  2. Venus
  3. Ixion
  4. Ceres
  5. Saturn
  6. Pluto
  7. Earth
  8. TV
  9. Satan
  10. Eris (Cameo)
  11. Haumea (Cameo)
  12. Makemake (Cameo)
  13. Jupiter (Cameo)
  14. Mercury (Cameo)
  15. Neptune (Cameo)
  16. OSO (Cameo)
  17. Four (Cameo)


  • Ixion appears mostly in the BFB style. He can change to WAWS and BFDI style.
  • Satan is currently the only minor character to appear in the credits.
  • Why Satan was eliminated was due to Saturn's voting icon saying "Satan" instead of Saturn. Somebody voted for Saturn but they deleted their comment.
  • Mercury is still flat
  • The fish went past Jupiter because he's a gas giant.
  • The fish used in the episode is the same on in a fan asset of Taco made by Lukas.
  • This is the first episode to have a soundtrack composed by Lukas
  • This is the first episode to feature recommended characters.
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