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Mars' experience is the third episode of Weird and wonderful space and is the first TextingStory episode .


Earth texts Neptune and asks if he saw the news by NASA but Neptune didn't hear the news , he asks what the news was . Earth replies by saying that the humans will visit Moon and Mars . Neptune asks Earth why she's telling him this and Earth says she wants to keep this a secret from Mars . Once the humans live on Moon , everyone will tell him at that time . Saturn thinks this is a bad idea because she knows that Mars lots of negative traits and telling him on the exact day they're coming will freak him out . Saturn suggests telling him now is the best idea . Earth and Neptune agree so Earth goes to tell him .


  1. Earth
  2. Mars (Mentioned)
  3. Humans (Mentioned)
  4. Moon (Mentioned)

Characters introduced

  1. Neptune
  2. Saturn
  3. NASA


  • The profile pictures of the planets are of them in real life
  • Mars' experience takes place before Colonisation