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This article is about Neptune (Or Lukas) , the creator of WAWS. You may be looking for Neptune the character.

Lukas (Born 22 April 2005) is a British YouTuber , animator , voice actor , writer , digital artist and modeler. He is the creator of Weird and wonderful space and other projects like The Wild Island and My Singing Monsters Roleplay and formerly The Crazy Maniacs Series.

Lukas is the creator and owner of the YouTube channel Lukas the Bowgart. He will , in the future , use his monsona (Monster sona) to represent himself but sometimes The Cow-Dog will do it instead.

Characters Voice Acting

Lukas voices many characters in Weird and wonderful space.

Social Media

  • YouTube
  • Discord : Lukas the Bowgart#3609
  • Twitter (Personal) @LukasTheBowgart
  • Twitter (MSMR) @SingingRoleplay
  • DeviantArt (Inactive)
  • Roblox (Doesn't accept friend requests)


  • He is bisexual