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Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and is by far the largest planet in the Solar System . He also has the most amount of moons being 79 until the 9th October 2019 beaten by Saturn .He has the biggest storm known . He also has the largest moon called Ganymede and has a storm known as the Great Red Spot which is 3 times bigger than Earth .


Jupiter is a cocky and a neutral character , he thinks he's the most superior planet in The Solar System because of his huge diameter . Jupiter prefers to talk with the bigger planets , mainly Saturn as they have lots in common by having huge storms , made of gas , have rings ect . Jupiter tends to act very immature as he would torment Uranus by pronouncing his name numerous times which gets on his nerves. Jupiter tends to get confused with Saturn's antics like : her buying a trampoline , jumping on a trampoline and apparently throwing J1407b's rings into a black hole.

Jupiter is often considered a hero as he saves some celestial bodies lives from collisions with asteroids but he is also called a murderer as he's trying to save and destroy lives at the same time . Some celestial bodies are unsure if he's safe to hang out with .


In Obviously the microwave , Mercury texts Jupiter that he lost his phone and wants Jupiter to help him find it . Jupiter wasn't standing for Mercury's joke and asked him how he's texting him . Mercury sarcastically tells Jupiter that he's using the microwave which Jupiter falls for .

In Great Red Spot , Callisto and Ganymede wonder what the Great Red Spot is on Jupiter . Ganymede and Callisto ask Io what the spot is and Io explains it to them .

In Meet 'Oumuamua , ʻOumuamua was passing by The Solar System . Jupiter saw him and told Saturn that he'd never seen anything like him before . Saturn bets him some money that 'Oumuamua isn't from their Solar system . Jupiter is willing to take the bet to which he later looses and gives Saturn his money . After Saturn claims that she's going to buy a trampoline for the summer , Jupiter is in the confessional booth and is confused . While he states his confusion , Ixion tells him that Weird and wonderful space doesn't have a confessional booth . Jupiter just realises this and finds out that him and the confessional booth is next to a black hole .

In the very next episode , Passing Trampoline into a black hole , Jupiter asks Saturn how she is and how she knew that 'Oumuamua wasn't from their Solar system to which Saturn replies that she knows things . Jupiter also asks Saturn why she wants a trampoline for the summer . Saturn tells Jupiter that she's the least densest planet and that she can bounce so high that the galaxies could even see her . Jupiter wishes her good luck and tells her that's possibly impossible . Saturn wishes to show Jupiter that she can do it and that her rings will dazzle the night sky . Jupiter tells Saturn that there's an exoplanet called J1407b and his rings are much more superior in size to hers . After Jupiter tells Saturn that his rings are 90 million km wide , she gets mad and says that she'll put her rings into a black hole .


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  63. Kore
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  74. S/2003 J 5
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  76. Sponde
  77. Autonoe
  78. Megaclite
  79. S/2003 J 2


Jupiter's debut was him in real life with unintentional black limbs . He also has an impossibly seen ring system .

His 2nd debut was more cartoony looking but poorly detailed .

His 3rd debut looked much more better and had an additional outline and more thicker ring system . His 4th debut was updated with a shadow and Weird and wonderful space assets .

His 5th debut was him in real life but more cartoony looking with an almost impossible seen ring system . His 6th debut is extra realistic and now lacks a ring system to make it more realistic (However , the file of Jupiter with rings exists)


His beta version shows many gradient lines that was made by powerpoint.



bold = Character

Jupiter is based of the real life Jupiter . The largest planet known . He is more specifically based of the 2014 picture of Jupiter since it was the first image of Jupiter when his first realistic body was made. Jupiter has a thin ring system which can not be seen by the naked eye or telescope but Jupiter has a visible somewhat thick ring system which is unrealistic . His rings are also tilted at around 3 degrees anti-clockwise. This is because Jupiter is actually tilted around 3 degrees to give it more realism .

Jupiter has the huge Great Red Spot which is a storm that has been raging on for about 300 years. This storm is about 3 times bigger than Earth and is currently shrinking and is going to die out in around 10-30 years. Jupiter has several layers with different colours , each of which are presumably slightly more calmer storms than the Great Red Spot .


  • Like Neptune , Jupiter will most likely be portrayed without rings.
  • Excluding his beta version , Jupiter and Venus are the only planets tied with the shortest amounts of changes with 6 total changes.