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Haumea (Otherwise known as 136108 Haumea or 2003 EL61) is an unusual dwarf planet that's oval shaped with rings . She also has 2 moons named Hi'iaka and Namaka with Hi'iaka being the largest one out of the two .


Haumea is a female dwarf planet with a bad sense of luck : She is constantly forced to do something she isn't suppose to do or doesn't want to do , gets pranked on by Makemake , forced to take fake therapy from Sedna , Forced to be the "Santa Claus".

She also tries to confront other celestial bodies for their actions and behaviour , mainly Orcus.


Haumea has 2 known satellites

  1. Hi'iaka
  2. Namaka


Haumea's first debut is her from real life with thin rings slightly tilted . Her 2nd debut looks more cartoony without the tilt .

Her 3rd debut is more oval shaped , with thicker rings and an outline . Her 4th debut just had an additional shadow .

Her 5th debut has her actual "body" tilted without her rings with the tilt as well . Her surface is different from her 2nd-4th debut . She now owns Weird and wonderful space assets .

Her 6th and final debut is much more realistic . Unlike her first debut , she has the red mark to her right . She also has surface texture .

Santa Claus gag

The origin of Haumea's Santa Claus gag is that the IAU temporarily called Haumea "Santa Claus" , they also did the same to Makemake but instead called him "Easter Bunny".

Haumea's role is to give presents to all of the celestial bodies with conveniently placed reindeers by her side , ready to spread the presents around which she doesn't enjoy.