Happy Easter! is the 8th episode of Weird and wonderful space . This episodes is about Easter and what the celestial bodies do for tradition on Easter


Earth gives Ganymede a basket of Easter eggs and tells him to give it to the rest of the moons of Jupiter . Ganymede thanks Earth but tells her that they might need more eggs since there are 79 moons of Jupiter , so Earth throws the basket of eggs right into Ganymede's face .

Makemake was minding his own business when Pluto , Haumea and Eris look at him in a certain way . Makemake was shocked . He then realises that they were planning on putting a rabbit costume on him . Makemake refuses .


  1. Earth
  2. Ganymede
  3. Pluto
  4. Haumea
  5. Saturn (Mentioned)
  6. Uranus (Mentioned)
  7. Neptune (Mentioned)

Characters introduced

  1. Makemake
  2. Eris


  • The idea of putting a rabbit costume on Makemake is based of the original name of Makemake . His name was literally "Easter Bunny".


  • When Earth says her last line , her mouth doesn't move at all
  • When Eris facepalms , there's no audio
    • There is also no audio when Earth throws an egg and basket at Ganymede
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