Great Red Spot is the eleventh episode of Weird and wonderful space .


Callisto is looking at the great red spot on Jupiter . Ganymede asks if Callisto's okay and she says yes but she wonders what the Great Red Spot is . Ganymede doesn't know what it is either so they decide to ask Io .

When they arrive , Ganymede asks Io what the great red spot is . Io gives Callisto and Ganymede lots of information .

When Ganymede hears everything , he couldn't believe him .


  1. Jupiter (Does not speak)
  2. Ganymede
  3. Earth (Mentioned)
  4. Venus (Mentioned)
  5. Mars (Mentioned)
  6. Saturn
  7. Neptune

Characters introduced

  1. Callisto
  2. Io


  • Callisto breaks the fourth wall as she removes the #mindblown and the blow-up effect


  • When Callisto and Ganymede leave to see Io , they have a blur effect but when they find Io's location , they don't have a blur
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