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"Then why are you telling me this until 41 or "2030"?" - Mars
Europa hasn't appeared in a series and is only in this wikia for decoration . Once this character has appeared in a series , edit this page with information you've collected for this character . Thank's for reading this! <3

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Europa (Otherwise known as Jupiter II) is the smallest Galilean moon and orbits Jupiter . She is very unique as she possibly has water under her icy surface .


Europa is usually very sulky but she is also independent, kind and level-headed however she can be harsh and sarcastic . Europa can be very short tempered which results her in telling others to shut up and can attack them pathetically to not get into trouble (Eg . Stabbing someone with a pen) . When someone really pisses her off , she yells at them to piss off and to leave them alone so that everyone can see what her problem is by shouting .

Europa can also get into some pathetic fights with her friends which they both find funny (Mainly Oberon and Enceladus) where they can stab themselves with pens and pillows . They sometimes can get into a jokingly physical fighting point where they act like they're in a boxing ring . 

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