Eris (Otherwise known as : 2003 UB313 , 136199 Eris and formerly Xena) is the most massive dwarf planet and the 2nd largest dwarf planet in The Solar System . She was discovered in 2005 by the Polomar Observatory which was lead by Michael Brown .


Eris is very annoyed by some dwarf planets because most dwarf planets think that she's male but she's female . The reason as to why others think this is because Eris doesn't have any eyelashes but she done it intentionally but she now realises her fate .

She also hates her moon Dysnomia because she's very annoying .


Eris has only 1 natural satellite known

  1. Dysnomia


  • Debut
  • Cartoony
  • Detailed , added shadow
  • Updated
  • Realistic
  • Current
Eris' debut was her from real life with her arms being black .

Her 2nd debut was more cartoony with shadow details with the surface being flat and bland

Her 3rd debut had more surface features with a dark grey area and an added shadow . She has also been given a darker outline

Her 4th debut was much less detailed with her surface spelling her name out , E R I S in random order and flipped . She also has a darker outline .

Her 5th and final debut is much more realistic with a rocky texture and many shades of grey to show geological features .

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