Below shows a list of episodes of Weird and wonderful space. There are currently 13 episodes . They are either TextingStory episodes or animation .

Season 1

Title Thumbnail Date Type
Titania's crush T 17/12/18


Colonisation TBA 21/2/19


Mars' experience TBA 9/3/19 TextingStory
Pluto and Xena Screenshot 2019-03-17 17.02.19 12/3/19 TextingStory
Saint Patricks Day Screenshot 2019-03-17 17.17.13 17/3/19 TextingStory
Obviously the microwave 150px 2/4/19 TextingStory
Sedna's therapy Screenshot 2019-04-04 21.33.53 4/4/19 TextingStory
Happy Easter! TBA 21/4/19 Animation
πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦HiπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ TBA 27/4/19 TextingStory
Why are you at the Dollar Store? TBA 8/5/19 TextingStory
Great Red Spot TBA 11/5/19 Animation
All seeing future TBA 19/5/19 Animation
Meet 'Oumuamua Episode 13 6/6/19 Animation
Passing Trampoline into a black hole TBA 7/6/19 TextingStory
Saturn's trampoline STe14 27/6/19 Animation
Earth has truly changed shape


16/7/19 Animation
Quaoar's Halloween TBA 31/10/19 Animation
Valentines Day but we're like 5 days late Ep18thumb 19/02/20 Animatiom
The Easter surprise EP19



Other episodes

Title Thumbnail Date Type
Earth's timeline TBA 31/12/18 Animation
Happy Birthday Hula Hula Saturn TBA 30/5/19 Animation
What the fuck? TBA 31/5/19 Google search
1k subs! TBA 19/10/19 Animation + Vlog
If WAWS characters wore Halloween Costumes TBA 29/10/19 Animation
Emotional Earth - #TeamTrees TBA 30/10/19 Animation + Vlog
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