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"Then why are you telling me this until 41 or "2030"?" - Mars
Deedee hasn't appeared in a series and is only in this wikia for decoration . Once this character has appeared in a series , edit this page with information you've collected for this character . Thank's for reading this! <3

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DeeDee (Nicknamed Distant Dwarf and 2014 UZ224) is a trans-Neptunian object in the Scattered Disc . Despite being nicknamed "Distant Dwarf" , it is not yet confirmed to be a dwarf planet .


DeeDee is a very elder like and very gullible having a keen interest in resting and is quite a coward . Deedee , despite having an elderly personality , knows many techniques to put things back together and uses modern day technology . He is called by many celestial bodies because he is one of the smartest and oldest (In personality) celestial body in The Solar System.

He also believes he's a priest , performing many exorcisms to ward away spirits and demons by chanting "The power of Christ compels you!" at celestial bodies who are/aren't possessed by the supernatural . When he actually performing an exorcism on a possessed celestial body and it fails (Which always happens) he would usually say that it always happens in the movies and speed off when the spirit goes wild.

DeeDee's Home

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DeeDee , unlike many celestial bodies , has a home more specifically an old wooden shack . His "house" would usually be blown up by Orcus which , when it's set off , DeeDee would run into some obstacles that Orcus placed and witness his house to blow up . Orcus would usually pin the blame on Quaoar and DeeDee would falsely punish him . If his shack is blown up , he would usually build it later in 4 Earth days and would sleep with the roof of the shack on his head which Orcus would sometimes mock him about it to which DeeDee would ask him what he said (As he can't properly hear) and Orcus would say "nothing".


  • Debut
  • Cartoon version
  • Colour change
  • 4th debut
  • Current
DeeDee's debut was based off a video made by Kids Learning Tube , DeeDee was shown as a somewhat grey sphere which looks like Moon. He also looks realistic with grey arms .

DeeDee's 2nd debut is much more cartoony and more brown with layers of different shades of brown going across.

DeeDee's 3rd debut had a colour change from Brown to Red . This is because a majority of artwork of DeeDee was shown as Red[1] rather than brown . DeeDee also has several dots . DeeDee's 4th debut is more realistic with added an added shadow

DeeDee's 5th and final debut is much more realistic . DeeDee's colour is much more darker than usual and is the first character with a different template design with the outline being thinner and the shadow being smaller.

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