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Colonisation is the second episode of Weird and wonderful space .


Mars is minding his own business and Earth appears out of nowhere . Mars asks what she wants and Earth replies by saying that Mars has visitors coming to him in 2030 (35 in the martian calendar) . Mars asks Earth why she's telling him the news if the humans are going to come to him in a decade .

Moon interrupts their conversation and tells Earth and Mars that the humans are going to colonise her and she's excited but Mars destroys her excitement and asks if she's 100% sure but she isn't .

Characters introduced

  1. Mars
  2. Earth
  3. Moon
  4. Humans (Mentioned)


  • Moon has more than 1 name , Moon (Obviously) and Luna .
  • Mars has a bit of lip syncing and arm animation
  • Colonisation takes place after Mars' experience