Ceres (Or A899 OF or 1943 XB) is the closest dwarf planet from the Sun . Ceres is unlike any other dwarf planet as he is in the Asteroid Belt while the other dwarf planets are in the Kuiper Belt .


Ceres likes to make jokes . That's all he does. He also makes some weird comments which are sometimes immature .


  • Debut
  • Cartoony version
  • Added shadow and outline
  • Lighter
  • Realistic
Ceres' debut was him from real life with his arms being the same colour as his body .

Ceres' 2nd debut was more cartoony with few craters and a blue spot . His 3rd debut was only an added shadow and outline .

Ceres' 4th debut was much lighter and the blue spot was much more detailed . Some of the lines were spelling out his name however , some darker spots were covering up the feature making it hard to even see .

His 5th debut was much more realistic with the blue spot removed (Possibly being behind the planet) . He was given a texture that made him look more rocky and he has lines that go in random directions with additional white spots .

His 6th debut is much more simple and is many different shades of dark grey and has a rocky texture to him.

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