Aliens are a possible life form that may live on Earth , Mars or outside The Solar System. It is yet unknown if they are real. In 20/09/19 , it was announced that a raid would happen in Area 51 to which many people think that's where they reside with the Government.

Aliens are one of the few mythical/unknown beings . Few examples are Ghosts , Devils , Gods , Jackolopes ect.


In Area 51 Raid , Earth was telling Alien how unfortunate the human race is . Alien seems to agree . Earth then says it's a shame that aliens don't exist then Alien disappears.


Alien has the appearance of a commonly known alien . A green humanoid with antennas. He also has black eyes with yellow pupils.

However , the definition Alien suggests "A hypothetical or fictional being from another world" which doesn't necessarily mean aliens are green.Instead, aliens could be like Unicorns , Wyverns or Ghosts from another planet.

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